My Goals

Platão4My point is: I want all Christian Churches in the world to stop telling people what to do about sex.

They need to teach people what Love is. Not Sex. Let people make Sex the way they want.

Only Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, can tell people anything about sex.

Many people got sick because of these religious rules. Mainly the Priests themselves.

That’s why, they’ll have to include Psychiatrists in their Churches, by Law, to take care of the sick people we already have among the believers. And be sure, we won’t have others in the future.

They need to learn how to be good, and share and respect … not be worried about what people do in their beds.

And since the Holy Church says they can’t make love, they’ll have to follow that indeed, until they themselves change this thing in their own Church. That’s all. Simple like that.
God bless you all. I wish you all lots of Peace, Love and Light in your hearts.

Good Sunday sons.

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